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From the editors of Men's Health Books, a brand new sex guide for men and the women who love them: SEX: A MAN'S GUIDE! What guy couldn't use this kind of information?



Men like to think they've got all the answers. It isn't something they want to be asking lots of questions about. And let's face it, who are guys going to go to with questions about sex, anyway? The doctor? Not likely. Dear old dad? Right. Their buddies? To swap stories, maybe, but not to get answers.

We girls always have each other to turn to for honest -- well, at least entertaining -- talk about sex! Not guys, though. It's sad but true: when it comes to honest talk about sex, men really don't have anyone to turn to. They have to grope around for themselves.

Now there's Sex: A Man's Guide, the greatest collection of sexual wisdom ever assembled. Within over 500 pages, it contains 2,065 sexual secrets every man needs to know! The editors of Men's Health Books have written the definitive men's guide to sex in the 90's, filled with the wisdom of top experts, doctors and therapists, not to mention hundreds of successful male lovers.

It's the most practical, entertaining and honest book about sex ever written for men. And it's available for you to order now, Risk-FREE, right on the Web! Do the man in your life -- and yourself -- the biggest favor you can and order a copy today! Whether you give it as a gift or keep it for yourself as an indispensible reference, you won't be sorry! It's a Risk-FREE offer.


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