Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Your orgasm. It's pretty much a mystery to men. Whether it happened, why it happened, how, where, when it happened. And if it wasn't real . . . what does THAT mean?

Sex: A Man's Guide has 11 chapters dedicated solely to teaching the man in your life all about your body and how it functions sexually. Most important, it teaches men how to pleasure you so your orgasms are mysteries no more. Consider this:

Over and over again we heard things such as "oral sex is the only method that consistently enables my wife to reach orgasm" or "if a man knows how to give outstanding oral sex, then a woman will reach orgasm every time."

One 25-year-old student said, "one of the simplest things I do to help her reach orgasm is to have a glass of hot tea and a glass of ice water next to me while I perform oral sex on her. I take a sip of the tea, go to work, then stop and take a sip of the water and go back. This drives her nuts and she normally has two or three orgasms before I am even inside her."

(from Sex: A Man's Guide, page 112)

WOW. What man couldn't use a tip like that? Let's be honest: we all know plenty of guys who could. And here's your chance to help the man in your life down the road to sexual perfection!

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